Lady Persephone Hornblower-Holmes

Known as Percy.

Personal motto: "είναι ευτυχής σήμερα για το αύριο θα είναι σκατά" (Be happy today for tomorrow will be sh*t)

Daughter of a sea captain, she spent many years as an archaeologist in Greece, but was compelled to flee the persistent amorous advances of Count Dino Baffetti. Stealing the beautiful melodeon "Josephine" (destined for the wife of Napoleon) from the count's instrument maker, she stowed away on a ship bound for the West Indies. After many spiffing sea faring adventures, she unfortunately had a series of bad luck, and found herself penniless in Pisco, Peru.
It was here that she honed her skills as a deceiver & thief (mainly to replenish her extensive wardrobe), and where she first met the charismatic but elusive T. Lumber J. Skylark-Amarti III whilst they were trading llamas. He became the love of her life.
During an exploration of the Amazon, her guide Pedro attempted to sell her to head hunters, but she won over the frightfully sweet tribal chief by playing the sea shanties she had learned on Josephine, and by giving him her bloomers. The cad Pedro's shrunken head was presented to her by the Tokoo, and she keeps it with her as a good luck charm.